Bernadette Margerison: Dip Psychotherapy & Counselling


CounsellorHello and welcome. I am a positive, friendly, registered and accredited counsellor for individual adults over the age of 25. I have more than 26 years' experience (well over the 10,000 hours required for expertise in any area) in private practice and in the NHS. At present I work exclusively in private practice.

Due to my many years' experience doing short term work in the NHS, I am always mindful of offering concentrated help in as short a time as possible, so you may find that you do not need a long piece of work with me in order to get a good therapeutic outcome. I never lose sight of the fact that you have come to feel better and then leave as soon as possible, feeling more equipped for life. You will be in safe hands.

Whatever your present situation, I can help you improve your state of mind and deal more effectively with your life challenges.

I employ a flexible therapeutic approach depending on my clients' needs. I have worked for many years with a Person-centred therapeutic model. However, my long experience has provided me with evidence that Mindfulness based CBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy provide the most successful outcomes. I promote self compassion and discourage self criticism.

I encourage the positive mind sets of confidence, hope and trust which we need most when life feels difficult. I do not pretend that there are easy solutions to all life's problems, but I will help you to build resilience and become more flexible, optimistic and realistic. This will help you to make the changes necessary to improve your situation as much as possible.

I will listen to you in confidence and with compassion, and I  will  help you to understand the origin and meaning of your distress. We will identify the changes you want to make and develop strategies to make those changes. You can hope to off load to me and feel understood, supported, contained, advised and gently guided through your difficulties. I will offer you empathy, genuineness, respect, warmth and unconditional positive regard. I will help you to stop being your own worst enemy. I will be on your side and will do my utmost to be of help to you.

I work with all situations including depression, anxiety, loss, relationship difficulties, infertility issues, life transitions, parenting issues, low self-esteem, concerns about aging or simply a wish to make changes. I hope to enable you to change negative mental habits, including rumination and self blame, and strengthen your ability to face life's challenges with greater resilience.

I will encourage self compassion and compassion for others.

In addition, I am also a supervisor and trainer of other counsellors.

Prior to becoming a counsellor I was a teacher for thirteen years, so I also bring professional experience of children and child development.

I will be happy to meet with you for an assessment session so that you can decide if you would like to work with me.  Contact me here.


  • Bernadette Margerison BA Hons, Cert Ed, Dip Psych & Coun, BACP accredited and registered
  • Qualified, experienced, therapist, supervisor and trainer
  • More than 24 years experience in private practice and NHS work, providing employee support for organisations, and training and supervising counsellors
  • Consulting room in West London near underground
  • Convenient for W3, W4, W6, W11, W12, Chiswick, Acton, Hammersmith, Richmond, Kensington and Chelsea
  • Mindfulness based CBT
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Person-centred therapy
  • Adaptable therapeutic approach responding to client needs
  • Available for assessments, short term solution focused counselling or longer term therapy
  • Available for telephone counselling
  • Available for supervision