My Approach

I work with individual adults. I offer short term solution focused counselling, or open ended counselling or psychotherapy, depending on what is required. I see clients for regular weekly appointments at the same time each week.

I believe that our common human struggles have ageless, existential themes, and I bring a humanistic, holistic, psychodynamic and person-centred understanding to my work with clients.

I take a positive psychology approach to therapy, promoting wellbeing and helping clients to flourish. I find that a Mindfulness based CBT approach and ACT prove to be extremely helpful in achieving these goals. These are both evidence based theories.

However, I am not a pure CBT therapist using flip charts and giving homework assignments, so if you want that sort of intervention I would not be the best therapist for you.

I am compassionate, and also promote self compasion and compassion for others with my clients as a therapeutic tool.

My clients come with a range of difficult situations, but the majority are experiencing anxiety or depression, or a mixture of both. Reseach indicates that Mindfulness based CBT and ACT are the most successful therapeutic interventions for treating anxiety and depression.

Once you have contacted me via this site or by telephone, I will see you for a fifty minute assessment session in order to hear what has brought you, and to think about the best way forward. The assessment session gives you a chance to meet me and ask any questions you may have. You can get a sense of me and how I work. I ask you to pay for the assessment session prior to the appointment, and will give you my bank details for internet payment, or you can bring cash or a cheque on the day.

Following the assessment session you can take the time you need to decide if you want to work with me, and if you do, depending on requirement, we can arrange either a fixed number of weekly counselling sessions at an agreed time, or an open ended arrangement which is always under review. I never lose sight of the fact that you have come to feel better and then leave as soon as possible, feeling more equipped for life.

If I do not think that counselling or psychotherapy with me is your best way forward then I will say so, explaining why and suggesting a more appropriate referral.

If you choose to work with me I will think with you about what is going on for you and why, and together we will try to initiate change and improve your situation. I will help you to build your emotional resilience. I hope you will feel contained, supported and encouraged by me, and feel that you can off load your distress in a safe and confidential environment. I will always do my best for you.

Research indicates that people make the best therapeutic progress when they feel that they have a good relationship with their therapist, irrespective of the particular type of counselling or therapy offered, so I suggest you choose a therapist with whom you feel comfortable. Go along to more than one assessment session if necessary.

I hope you will feel encouraged to make contact with me now, but whether you do or not, good luck with your search for a therapist and with your therapy.


You can find a brief explantion of terms here